What is Projex by Fendale.
What is Projex by Fendale?

With our world-class logistics expertise and our passion to think outside the box, we’ve launched Projex by Fendale. The bespoke logistics service for custom, unique requirements. Our skilled logistics team are experienced in devising solutions to even the most complex requirements. 

No two clients are the same – each has different cargo, destination and deadlines – our experienced operations team will work through any solution end-to-end, and predict possible challenges in order to plan for every eventuality. That’s why we believe that “nothing is impossible” (with the Projex team).

When the requirements are unique, specific and often specialist, that’s when the bespoke services are the smartest approach – minimising the impact of disruption, both physically and financially.

Our experience and passion of providing bespoke solutions, as well as the knowledge and understanding of our customer’s business, allows us to devise the best solution, and exemplary customer service. Resulting in  speedy and efficient acknowledgement and actioning of any request, as well as the flexibility to change plans at the last minute if necessary.

At Projex by Fendale we give clients the confidence and reassurance that comes with knowing a solution has been designed for a specific deadline/cargo rather than having to fit their needs around off the shelf logistics packages.

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