Sea Freight

Are You Looking For Experts In Sea Freight?

As one of the leading specialists in the sea freight industry, you are going to be working with a business with expert knowledge to ensure that your container is in the right hands. We specialise in:

  • Full container loads
  • Roll-on roll-off
  • Less than container load
  • Consolidation services
  • Dry bulk commodities
  • Goods on hanger services

All of our sailings are scheduled weekly with fast transit times, excellent pricing, and door to door supply chain management to make your life easy. We offer so much more than just sea freight, and we are proud to be able to provide them with affordably and efficiently. When you sign up to our email list, you can receive the best offers and incentives – so sign up today!

What We Offer

Our freight services are tailored specifically to your needs, and when you contact our experts, you’ll be able to dictate what you need from us, and we can arrange it for you. Our freight services include the following:

  • Delivery of cargo to the final destination
  • Customs clearance
  • Freight insurance
  • Inspection and collection at the original source
  • Preparation of freight documentation
  • Cargo sourcing

If you don’t have enough cargo to fill a sea freight container, you will be able to book shared space in another container. Not only is this an excellent solution if you are looking for a weekly sailing, but you will find that you have a better solution economically. We offer our services worldwide, and we can move less than container load across the world. Our ports include:

  • China
  • Southeast Asia
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • USA

There is no need to wait around for your goods to be on the move as we can get you going as soon as you are loaded. We have excellent business relationships with the shipping lines and our services between many ports make us as efficient as you need us to be. This allows us to maintain low rates while we ensure that our customers are happy, too. You get the best-receiving windows and the fastest transit times when you use our services.

Global Services, Excellent Rates

Whether your container needs range in the 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft container use, we can also offer flat racks and open top containers depending on the service that you require. We secure the most effective routes possible to match your requirements. We have the professional and friendly team on hand to help you from cargo sourcing and inspection to collection and delivery at your final destination. We can also provide you with real-time visibility of your shipment so that you can track it every step of the journey.

Automotive Shipping Options

We are specialists in our roll-on, roll-off service, so whether you need to ship plant machinery or vehicular cargo, we are the people to call. We provide a full RORO shipping service, and we are backed by an exceptional team who can advise you at every point in the shipping process.

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