Putting the logic into logistics.

Whether by land, sea or air our collective years of experience and cutting-edge technology ensure that whatever you need delivered will get there in the most timely, efficient and cost effective method possible.

Why Choose Us


We are truly global!

From John O Groats to Lands End or Southampton to Shanghai we can get it there with the same attention to detail whilst offering you the best possible solutions.


Safe & Secure.

From the moment we collect to the final point of delivery you’re in safe hands. You have enough on your mind running your business without worrying about your consignments.


Timing is Everything.

Your timetable is our timetable. You tell us when you want it delivered and leave the rest to us.


Whatever the size of shipment, or preferred transportation we have the perfect solution.. Need assistance with customs? Secure and sanitary warehousing? We have you covered.
Air Freight
With our vast experience of global air freight, we provide an exceptional service at truly competitive rates.

If you require specific delivery dates we can advise on the most efficient solution, and if you’re on a tight schedule we utilise our partnerships with both dedicated commercial and charter flight companies to get the job done.

With our “know how” on global compliance and documentation required for even the most difficult markets we are not just your logistics service provider but also your supply chain partner.

Sea Freight

We like to think we offer a total bespoke service for all your sea going freight.

Whatever size container you need, or even if you don’t require a full container, we can accommodate you anywhere in the world.

If it’s manufacturing plant, automotive or hanging garments we can deliver.

Offering you real time tracking, customs clearance, completed documentation or even letters of credit, Fendale tailor our service to suit you.

Road Freight

Fendale offers the total logistic solution for all your road freight requirements.

With a comprehensive range of vehicles and specialist transport facilities we can fulfil domestic and international haulage expertly and at exceptional pricing.

We are known to be specialists in hanging garment transport, covering not only transport but import/export documentation, support with picking and packing and even warehousing.

Timing is everything in business and our team of dedicated professionals will schedule the fastest routes to get the goods there on time every time.

Using our world-wide courier service means you can make the promises and we deliver on them.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and the expertise to provide an unequalled service to anywhere on the globe.

Our partnerships with companies such as DHL, UPS and TNT means we are an important account holder, enabling us to offer cost savings of up to 70% to our customers.

You will have the ability to track your parcels door to door as they travel safely and efficiently from collection to destination.

The last thing any busy importer or exporter needs is a problem with their custom declarations and clearances.

We know how important it is that your goods are cleared in a timely and correct manner. Our teams of senior managers are experts in all processes required to export to any country in the world, and equally how important it is to have your imports with you to meet your timelines.

Now that UK is no longer part of the European Union it is more important than ever to ensure the complications of international tariffs can be successfully negotiated.

Rail Freight

With a growing demand for more cost effective and eco efficient solutions, Fendale Logistics offer a regular service from China to Europe and UK mainland Rail solution for its customers across most verticals, with a 3+ weeks transit time to Europe.

We know how important it is that your goods are cleared in a timely and correct manner. Our teams of senior managers are experts in all processes required to export to any country in the world, and equally how important it is to have your imports with you to meet your timelines.

The advantages of this mode include: Faster than Ocean freight, considerably cheaper that airfreight, reduced CO2 emissions, limited impact from fuel price fluctuations, multiple trains per week, single wagons or block train, late mile delivery to the UK, various ITU’s available, door to door security, end to end Network

Fendale Logistics design e-Commerce supply chain processes through a dedicated team using proven and state-of-the-art solution methodology.

Providing small, light consumer goods with the correct fulfilment solution.
Focusing on international brands and SME’s that require a flexible, reactive and cost-effective provider.

Providing multiple services including: Warehousing, B2B B2C, Rework / Finishing, Labelling / Re-labelling, Boxed / Hanging, Garments, Re-Pack, Pick / Pack, Container Operations and Global Dispatch.
Fendale Logistics offer a robust WMS system that accommodates and provides the customer with the choice of API, CSV or Customer Portal access options. The ability of our single platform to integrate and communicate across multiple platforms and systems allows greater simplification and flexibility to the customer.


With global warehousing locations in the UK, Middle East and South Asia Fendale Logistics can provided Supply Chain Solutions across the spectrum of industrial verticals. Demands for simple storage can be accommodated but more complex requirements and processes can be supported by our experienced teams. Over the years we have developed long-term relationships with our customers and adapted new processes according to the customer’s changing needs.

With Logistic Centres of Excellence across the globe, Fendale can fulfil all your Industrial and Retail requirements.

PROJEX by Fendale

Nothing is impossible.

With our world-class logistics expertise and our passion to think outside the box, we’ve launched Projex by Fendale. The bespoke logistics service for custom, unique requirements. Our skilled logistics team are experienced in devising solutions to even the most complex requirements. That’s why we believe that “nothing is impossible” (with the Projex team). At Projex by Fendale we give clients the confidence and reassurance that comes with knowing a solution has been designed for a specific deadline/cargo rather than having to fit their needs around off the shelf logistics packages.

XPRESS by Fendale

Global brands – despatched locally.

We support clients across the globe with an efficient and reliable Xpress service with the Fendale outstanding level of customer service. In the world of e-commerce, customer service is everything coupled with the consumer demand of next day delivery from retailers worldwide. Xpress by Fendale is the new super-charged division at Fendale Logistics designed to despatch global brands, locally, on time, next day, no problem!

Farma by Fendale

A play on words for pharmaceutical logistics.
The pandemic forced global logistics to shift and adapt at a rapid rate. Now, as the world moves towards a “post-Covid” era, so do we!

Introducing the new innovative approach to ensuring that products such as vaccines and pharmaceuticals are treated with extra care and unparalleled expertise. We meet the challenges of pandemic planning and provide leading logistics support.

We keep our finger on the pulse with the ever-changing global regulatory environment and are always up-to-date with the latest changes in local and international regulations thanks to our Global network.

Whatever your business we’ll provide a specialist, high quality solution and we have a track record to prove it.

Fabrik by Fendale

Fabrik by Fendale is an all-inclusive service that involves the consolidated and shipment of raw materials by air, ocean and road world-wide.

With offices worldwide let Fabrik by Fendale take care of purchasing, all on costs, shipping and delivery. Not only will everything be in the right place at the right time but with Fendale’s purchasing power you will see significant savings.


From the smallest parcel to the largest machinery, we have the solution for effective delivery. Check out the industries we work with.


The Supply Chain demands on the Auto industry require innovation and determination.

Fendale believes that value is created through cooperation, our ability to listen to the customer is the foundation to a successful partnership.

We can provide tailored solutions for parts and component supply to the manufacturing facility.

Due to our wealth of experience in Air, Ocean and Overland we can develop the logical “right first-time” solution for our customers.

Aviation / Aerospace

Our understanding of such a sophisticated and complex vertical is key to us providing an exceptional level of service to our customers.

Fendale’s philosophy and work ethic is totally customer focussed, we believe this is the most important element of our DNA.

We have the ability to support the customer with any requirements they may have from Express Air shipments, large or small components in addition to all multi model solutions.

Fashion Logistics
Years of experience in this vertical have allowed Fendale to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Fashion industries processes from raw material supply, production to finished goods; boxed and hanging garments.

Fendale provides Warehousing, Order management, Pick and pack, Re-labelling, Specialist kitting, Re-pack operations that support B2B and B2C though to dispatch across all verticals.


No vertical has seen a more dramatic transformation than Retail, the rapid growth of online shopping has totally changed the market dynamics of this industry.

Fendale is an extremely experienced provider within the traditional high street and e-commerce platforms.

Continually supporting major High Street brands with ever evolving logistic solutions, having a flexible and robust business model is essential to Fendale meeting customers’ expectations.

High tech & Home equipment

Handling high value, high volume and sensitive products requires a global provider with a flexible mind-set and a track record of logistical operational excellence.

Fendale recognizes these vertical demands for reliability and security, so strong multi modal operational procedures and transparent communication is essential in understanding the implications and impact that any deviations from the agreed operating procedures can have.

Strong emphasis on KPI management and refining of the process are paramount to our professional service.

Industrial manufacturing

From engineering through the broad spectrum of manufacturers products that require global shipping, Fendale provides import and export, door to door transportation solutions by Air, Ocean and Overland including all necessary customs, representation and documentation services.

Whether price or speed is the main priority, we can arrange and manage delivery, tracking its progress through dedicated operational management to the final destination.

Life sciences & Healthcare Logistics

LS&H products from PPE to Medical devices require special care and attention throughout the logistics journey.

Having a large Integrated network allows Fendale to respond to LS&H customers requirements.

Cost effective bespoke global movements is a challenge that Fendale meets daily to complement our LS&H customer’s business.

Energy and Heavy equipment logistics

Energy in all its forms, Oil and Gas, Wind or EV battery development.

Fendale is positioned to support the industry’s needs and be a vital component of your business.

Whether it is Plant equipment, Marine parts or Out of Gauge movements Fendale have the ability to provide a complete logistics service that will ensure your success and meet your customers deadlines.


Hyperchain provides real-time visibility and predictive insights to the status of inventory around the world empowering you to make informed decisions and take action. Our predictive intelligence allows for more detailed planning, merchandising and use of financial resources.

Hyperchain has been designed and built with a friendly ecommerce experience for users, to simplify the experience, providing a process data driven platform that is easy to adopt and breaks away from spreadsheets

The future of your supply chain is here.



Just a sample of the major international companies we are associated with.



A selection of the great clients we are fortunate to support daily.
euro food brands
Concrete Canvas


We can go on for hours about how we can be the perfect logistics partner for your company, but nobody says it better than our valued clientele.

We have had the pleasure of shipping goods via Fendale Logistics for just shy of two years. During that time we have found them a dedicated company, nothing is too large or small for them to tackle as Brexit has proved. From personal experience we have found them to be very diligent, communicative and always willing to assist whether importing or exporting.
Coral Lynn, Export Admin,

Rotosound Manufacturing Limited
We hired Fendale to manage the pre-Brexit deadline of a number of multimodal and sea container shipments from Europe at a time when capacity was shrinking and time was short. They did the job very well for us, efficiently and on schedule.
Paul Bendit, Director
As a department we had multiple suppliers shipping from many different origins to a number of different manufacturing locations. We used Fendale’s FABRIK system to initially control our European fabric and trim movements – Following this success we soon also transitioned to fabrics which move throughout Asia by air and ocean. Fabrik allows us to leverage our buying power, gives us greater visibility, improved control and ultimately reduces our costs within the upstream of our supply chain. We will be using the Fabrik system for our upcoming season and would have no problem recommending the system to others.
Mathew Heard
Fendale are always attentive to our requirements. They are able to provide accurate and swift initial quotes, their pick up is always as promised and they are always able to update on the delivery during the journey. If there are any issues with Customs, I am confident in their abilities to communicate with us and the relevant authorities to progress. The delivery always arrives in great condition, and I find them to be a competitive option.
Amo Sangha, Global Operations Director
Omorovicza Cosmetics
Our freight forwarding requirements are driven by two factors: price service both of which Fendale Logistics perform time and again. Always quoting competitively in fluctuating airfreight markets and providing space during critical peak season times. We are proud to call Fendale Logistics our supply chain partners. We are impressed with the clarity provided on our shipments from the time of booking to the speed with which the schedule is given to us, right through to delivery. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Sanjay Jerath, Director
Bebe Clothing (UK) ltd
The team at Fendale are extremely knowledgeable in the logistics field. Always finding solutions to our evolving business needs. The success of our OPR model is due to the diligent nature that Fendale conduct their business, would highly recommend Fendale for ALL your logistical requirements.
Salim, Customs Team
Next Customs Team
Ballyclare have been working with Fendale Logistics over a long period of time now, we find them a professional and proactive organisation that always strive to provide the correct solution for our needs. I am happy to recommend Fendale Logistics as a Forwarding partner.
Shantanu Das Gupta, Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain
With the current Freight challenges from the Far East continuing throughout this year we at Poundland have been very happy to find a reliable and capable solution with Fendale Logistics. Fendale have managed to secure us a substantial amount of container space at reasonable rates in the current market place and have proven to be both very effective and reliable in securing opportunities both on a spot and future basis across China base ports. Capable, Reliable and Trustworthy.
Adrian Porteous, Head of Merchandising, Supply Chain

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