Introducing Hyperchain by Alex Blahyj

What is Hyperchain?

In the world of supply chain management, we accept that there are going to be problems in transit.

Until now getting precise information as to what those problems are, has been nigh on impossible.

These problems invariably lead to vague delivery schedules and misinformation which can have huge cost implications to the client.
At Fendale we knew there had to be a better way.

Hyperchain is a game changer.

Following data pipeline principles, (right data from the right person at the right time) Our unique platform augments order book information, classical event milestones and real time dynamic data telling you exactly what is in the container, when it left the port, where it is, what delays may occur, and by our predictive analytics exactly when it will arrive at destination.

No one likes delays but having transparent and live information is invaluable to merchandisers.

Hyperchain is incredibly user friendly and finding vital information has never been easier.

The industry is undergoing a significant change and the way we work today will be disrupted by the digitalisation of actions within the supply chain. Traditional data silos are being broken down as information is shared to provide efficiency, Hyperchain will be at the forefront of these developments.

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