Green shoots + brighter days

Although the Pandemic is still with us , there are some “green shoots” starting to appear on the world market as the global immunisation programme starts to slowly pick up momentum.

Some Major International hotel chains are seeing their stock price rise in anticipation of the future demand for holidays and business travel, be it all restricted.

While ZOOM and TEAMS are here to stay in the way we communicate and do business, there will be a desire for people who want a less sterile environment to meet face to face when stronger business relationships are to be formed.

At the heart of this will be the airlines and how soon they can re-invent themselves under new guidelines for safe travel and the opening of borders.

The question is how long can the airlines hold on before their industry is permanently damaged and the required passenger and cargo capacity disappears for good.

There’s no doubt that people want to shop, meet and socialise , go on holiday and get back to at least a new norm.

Let’s all stay positive and look forward to the better times ahead.

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