Customs Compliance

We Make The Road To Successful Importing & Exporting Smoother Than Ever!

When your company is responsible for importing and exporting products either for retail or B2B purposes, customs compliance is one of the most important assignments on your agenda. Our highly professional services courtesy of an experienced team of experts ensure that all aspects of importing and exporting are under control.

Our comprehensive services are tailored to your requirements as we use our extensive knowledge customs services and processes. Furthermore, the streamlined services will save time, money, and your sanity.

Customs importing

Our customs important clearance services incorporate the best practices developed by our tea of experienced senior managers to guarantee that all import clearances are completed to meet all legal and professional requirements.

We can utilise any customs regime including CFSP, IPR/OPR, OSR or Bonded warehousing while our full import capabilities also cover transport by air, sea, or road on a 24/7 basis. Our extensive U.K coverage additionally lends to rapid clearances ensuring quick releases for all arrival shipments. This is further supported by a comprehensive and automated management system.

Customs exporting

Exporting products and shipments is as important as handling the arrivals. Our senior managers utilise their advanced knowledge to establish the best practices for all shipments, ensuring that they pass all legal and professional standards in style.

Crucially, our exporting customs services satisfy HMRC compliance while the NES (National Export System) means export declarations can be completed digitally for even faster turnarounds. Third-party declarations can use a single point of contact at the NES too. Expert Certification can also be provided to satisfy domestic and international customs rulings while historical data can be accessed online through Fentrac software.

Customs documentation

Customs documentation relating to international trade to and from the U.K can be substantial. Necessary forms include the certificates of origin, ATR, EUR1 certificates and the T2L forms. Our customs experts will ensure that the correct documentation is always provided for each shipment.

The comprehensive services guarantee a smooth customs clearance that complies with legal obligations. This covers shipments from outside of the EU too, handling their commodity codes for classification purposes. Likewise, with the impact of the pending Brexit negotiations, our compliance services will keep your mind at ease as our experts will always be up to date with the latest issues.

First-time imports

Whether you’re importing for personal matters or your business is dipping its toes into internationally sourced products, it can feel a little daunting. Our extensive customs compliance services will remove all fears regarding the transportation of all goods.

From providing first-time importers with data on the most cost-effective solutions to using the correct incoterms, our services can be used for arrivals to the U.K or be extended to a door-to-door service. We are well versed on all shipping and customs processes, allowing you to master the processes even if you have little or even no knowledge of the procedures and terminology.

To learn more or book our services ahead of your next (or first) dealing with customers, give us a call today.

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