Courier – Reliable delivery service to any destination worldwide

When you are looking for international courier shipping, Fendale is the firm to supply the services that you need. The company’s team of experts have the necessary knowledge and experience in every area of international courier shipping to provide an unbeatable service. They are specialists in the field and can deliver a fast, reliable service to any country around the globe. Fendale is able to courier shipments of all kinds, offering an affordable service combined with advice from an expert team, whenever you need it.

Using an international courier service allows you to ship goods quickly and efficiently when you need to send parcels and packages between countries. It offers a secure way to send your goods, offering the ability to track anything that you send until it reaches its destination.

Customers who choose Fendale Logistics also have the opportunity to make a saving of up to 70% on shipping with top global carriers, such as DHL, UPS and TNT. We are large account holders with a number of major carriers, allowing us to negotiate the best rates for our customers.

With years of experience offering air and sea freight services, Fendale Logistics is one of the most reliable international courier shipping companies available. Thanks to door to door collections and deliveries, your parcels seamlessly travel from your collection address all the way to their final destination using just one service.

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